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heyy folks ;) nama sayaa Noor Hidayah Bt Kamaruddin, 20 years old, study at Aviation Management College,Bangi. Taking Diploma in Aviation Management. One day i wanna be a pilot ! pray for me. U guys is allowed to read my every entry,peacee yaw :)




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Sunday, March 13, 2011

another question :)

If you woke up as the opposite sex, whats the first thing you would do?
guy??must be cuteee,handsomeee :D

Are you addicted to anything? for now Sony MP4

What do you see in a guy/girl?internal behaviour :)

Has an animal ever attacked you?not yet. **lagilagi kucingg,GELI laa -.-

Do you miss someone who you cannot see? Who?yupp,my dad. he went to outstation at terengganu. i miss him alotxx !

How many text messages are in your inbox?only 11. hebat kan ! HAHA

What's your opinion aboutmy plan this week. it's too bored !
Who's your best friend today?
pja,zata,eyna,nini,nad,harris fitri **i miss u guyss

When was the last time someone made you laugh really hard?last hangout with my fren. we went to selayang and lepaking there **collegemete+BFF,zata sabrina.

Do you find piercings/tattoos attractive?
for me both not interesting even piercing :| and tatoo is not allowed for ISLAM :)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever licked?emmmm :|
What do you do when you are mad?
quite is better. 
How do you do your hair often?
pony tail and i wear hijab :)

When you wake up, what's the first thought that runs through your head?what is my plan today? it is still the same thing like yesterday.

If you could make someone disappear, who would it be?HIM !

Look behind you, what do you see?rak-rak buku.

What's your fav thing about the opposite sex?his hair,the way he talk.

What's the most important thing to you?family first, laptop, friends !

What would you be doing right now if you were kicked off your computer?watching television, sleeping maybee -.-

How do you spend your weekends?hangout with frens, family :) awesome yaww !

Who do you want to be with right now?A.F / A.R.C **miss u ! T__T

Are you fun to hang with?bestfren+collegemate.

What country would you love to visit?bandung,Indonesia. SHOPPING !

What's on your mind right now?thingking of my result -.- OMG !!

When was the last time you went to a good party?lupeee

Fav song?pyramid by charice+we'll be alright by travie mcCoy ! cool

Can you lick your elbow?weird ! absolutely no.

If you jumped out your bedroom window right now, how injured would you be?tahap emergency case. HAHA :DD

What would you do if your bf/gf cheated on you with your best friend?damn !

Do you like anyone you can't have?perhaps ;)

Do you dance even without music?for sure !

Does anyone tease you cause of your name?setakat ni tade lagi laa.

What song is stuck in your head right now?grenade,bruno mars

What's your darkest secret?shhhh

What do you think is at the end of the rainbow?-.-

If a blind guy/girl started hitting on you, what would you do?
kaget sungguh !

What was the last concert you went to?pernah pulak aku pegi konsert. HAHA :DD

Do you speak your mind?NO .

Can you handle the truth?NO .

What would you do if someone random on the street came up to you and started hitting on you?
kaget AGAIN !

Ever been caught naked?gilakk. tak penah.

Ever been in a fight?no, tak suke gaduhgaduh ni + tak reti pon gaduh ni. HAHAHA :DD

Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf?pernahh :P,mcm la kaw tak penah tipu bf/gf kan. HEHE

Done anything illegal lately?secret :D

Name the most stupidest thing you've ever done?I left my Identity Card at kiera's purse and she went to KELANTAN -.- a whole week just stay at home. takud kat BAPAK POLISIIII :DD

Would you talk to someone you don't know on the internet?NO. nowadays people cant be trust.

Ever been in trouble for something you didn't do?Many times.

Have you lied to your parents about where you've been or going?hehe, ade ade :D

One word to describe yourself?nice :P

To describe your friends?sacrifice :)

What's the last present you've received?from my buddy,NIKE shoes :)

Any siblings?2 brothers and 2 sisters

You and your friends are bored. What do you do?hangout ofcourse.

Who hates Twilight as much as I do?tak layan pon. tak smpat. HAHA

Single or Taken?Single !

Good or Bad kisser?emmm ??

What would you do if the world were coming to an end?everything will destroy !

Biggest regret ever?byk sgt but most regret is acquainted with HIM !
Last but not least. What's your name?
Noor Hidayah Kamaruddin :)
Utk org yg bosan mcm aku tahap gunung everest yg sangat tgii :DD
enjoy your reading,
followers,anda bole tryy ;) 

ilovehim ! haha
Daya Edayaa


  1. owhoo..but what can i say r..
    hmm..no comment..haha

  2. haha, ape la zikri ni. btw baju elmo tuuuu ...... ngeee~~~