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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Cityville Secrets is a new Cityville guide that just came out. The author, “Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders”, is extremely well known. He has previously published walkthroughs on a wide range of Zynga games including Farmville, and so I expected this to be a very good product. I just had a quick look over his the guide and I think it’s pretty good. However, it’s definitely worth checking out though.

Just heard some excellent news from Inside Social Games, who have just reported that Cityville will probably come out later this month. I was surprised to see this. After hearing nothing from Zynga after that rumor developed that they were developing this game (based on a “cityville” forum that was quickly deleted), I figured that it was just a mistake and they weren’t developing it. I assumed that if they were developing the game they would have made it public from the beginning. Instead, they have only just revealed the new game now, when it is very close to being released.
I have high hopes for this game and expect it to do well. While I have not been able to play the demo, judging from some of the screenshots and the descriptions I have read so far, it looks like this is Zynga’s deepest game yet and the graphics are pretty impressive (take a look at this screenshot):

The market has shown that city building games in Facebook are quite popular, and Cityville will now become a direct competitor to other already established titles like Social City. I guess Cityville was also the natural progression for Zynga after having already made a Farmville and Frontierville.

Inside Social Games has described some of the game mechanics for us. You start off with a small city, and have the options of constructing a variety of buildings (houses, businesses, farm plots etc). You make your money off businesses and are able to produce goods through specialty buildings or outside shipments on trains or ships. In addition, there are trade opportunities, the ability to visit friends, decorations and the implementation of quests.
Zynga have also translated the game into Spanish, French, Italian and German, which allows it to reach millions more people. Will this be the game that finally beats Farmville as the most popular Facebook game ever? Time will tell.

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